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The Running or Timed Event section of the Federation includes 5 set patterns.  Riders run against a time clock with the object to finish with the fastest correct pattern.  An Overturned prop will result in a disqualification.

The Pleasure or Judged Event section of the Federation includes many disciplines covering both Western, English, Racking, and Reining.  These classes are determined by an approved Judge in the proper field.

The Age divisions are a little different from Running to Pleasure.  It is best to check the show schedule to assure the correct age bracket for the class you choose to participate.

The Running events have 5 set with a specific pattern that does not change from the local show to the state show. The Pleasure event patterns can change from local show to state show.  The chosen Judge will determine the patter for the State Show.  The pattern diagram is not shared until state show. 

Eligibility for State Show competition
A rider must be a member in good standing with one of the nine Associations.  The rider would have competed in local shows throughout the year earning points and ranking in the top 6 of their class and specific event.   Their name must be submitted on the Official Rider's list by their club Secretary by the specified deadline  for the current year's state show competition.  The Association President is required to certify in writing that the participant has also competed in 50% of the Associations local points shows. 

 Out of the gate she comes with a blast    
 Around the 1st barrel, the 2nd, the last
 Bring em on home, give the reins some slack  
 pop em, kick em - don't hold back.
 The race is over - the competition ends
 Daddy smiles - his little girl WINS !




Northwest Association - Overall High Point Champion
319 total points

Northwest Association - Overall High Point Pleasure Champion
319 Points

South Georgia Association Overall High Point Running Champion
163 points

Northwest Association
0 Running Points  319 Pleasure Points -  Total 319

South Georgia Association
163  Running Points   96 Pleasure Points  -  Total  259

Coastal Plains Association
162 Running Points  70 Pleasure Points -  Total 232

Deep Dixie Association
74 Running Points  117 Pleasure Points  -  Total 191

Coastal Empire Association
77 Running Points  79 Pleasure Points  - Total 156

Heart of Georgia Association
141 Running Points    6 Pleasure Points  - Total 147

Georgia Mountain Association
50 Running Points   60  Pleasure Points -  Total 110

South Ogeechee Association
41 Running Points  60 Pleasure Points -  Total 101

Flint River Association
19 Running Points   36 Pleasure Points -  Total 55

East Georgia Association
0 Running Points  11 Pleasure Points -  Total 11 

For 2017 individual events and places
Class 1-15  Running   Pony, 1-12 and 13-19 All Events
Class 16-35 - Running  Adult Classes All Events
Class 36-52  Pleasure Adult Classes All Events
Class 53-76  Pleasure Youth Classes All Events