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Federation MapFederation Map
Federation MapFederation MapFederation Map
Federation MapFederation MapFederation MapFederation Map
Federation MapFederation MapFederation Map
Federation MapFederation Map
Federation Map
Federation MapFederation Map

Heart of Georgia

Deep Dixie

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The Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs is a non-profit Equestrian Club.  The members of the Federation compete in Judged (Performance) and Timed (Running) events.

There are ten associations in Georgia that form the Federation.  Each Association is comprised of local clubs that compete within their own groups throughout the running year for points.  The top six point earners in each age and event represent their association on the state level.  

The state competition is held at the Reaves Arena, Georgia National Fairgrounds, in Perry, and is hosted on a rotating basis by the nine Associations.
Updated as of October 15, 2019
Georgia Federation Organizational Structure 
The President of the Federation rotates each year with the Host Club President serving in that position. 
The Board of Directors is comprised of the Presidents from the other eight associations for the current year.  
The Federation has three permanent positions with a tenure set by the Official Rules.

Permanent Positions 
Chairman -  Wendell Hall   229-402-0608
Co-Chairman Running   Jr. Burkett
Co-Chairman Pleasure   Vicki Parker
Treasurers (2) -  Cheryl Powell 229-294-9350
Backup -   Shannon Wise 
Secretary - Cheryl Powell
Website - Cheryl Powell and Lorrie Bass
Federation Facebook page - Lorrie Bass


Scott Wall, President 

Tammie Pennington, Secretary 


Earlene Burkhalter, State Show Co-Chairman     912-402-9672   
The State Show Co-Chairman position is set as the outgoing Host Club/Federation President each year 
and will work closely with the Chairman and incoming Host Club/Federation President.

       2020 Host Club                                   2021 Host Club                         2022 Host Club
  Georgia Mountain Association                  Flint River Association                 Heart of Georgia Association
      2023 Host Club                                  2024 Host Club                         2025 Host Club
 South Georgia Association                        Northwest Association                 Deep Dixie Association
      2026 Host Club                                 2027 Host Club                             2028 Host Club     
  East Georgia Association                        Coastal Plains Association             Coastal Empires Association

           Federation Map below - click on the individual Association for more information 
Note - any updates are dependent on information furnished by the individual Association

GA is covered in the Florida Equine Athlete Magazine

East Georgia
added 2017

Please be patient while updates are being made to the website for each Association, 2019 State Show information added and updates for 2020​