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Daniel Aaron Hall, Deep Dixie Association
Donald Clyde Bowen, "Mr. Don", Deep Dixie Association
Edward Keith Taylor, "Eddie", Deep Dixie Association
James Reginald Todd, "Reggie", Coastal Empire Association
Wendy Suzanne Gray, Georgia Mountain Association

Alan Eason "Big Al", 
Allen Luther Hendrix
Calvin Sears, South Georgia Association
Dr. Dale Clements, South Ogeechee Association
Ernest Smith, South Georgia Association
Ronnie Lewis Wilcox, South Georgia Association
Olin Aldridge, Coastal Plains Association
Ron Corder, 
Daniel Hall, Deep Dixie Association

Debbie Demott, Deep Dixie Association
Tyrone Proctor, Coastal Empire Association

Harry Lewis Callahan, Coastal Plains Association
Leslie Anne Perry, Deep Dixie Association

Steve Reynolds, Deep Dixie Association
Thomas Lee Applewhite, Deep Dixie Association
Gary Readdick, Coastal Plains Association
Ronnie Bobinger, Coastal Plains Association
Charles A. Rutledge, Sr., South Ogeechee Association

Rhonda Jowers Carver,
Dena S. Williams, Flint River Association

Kathy Powers, Heart of Georgia Association
Kathy also served as longtime treasurer for the Federation
Donald "Don" William Lester, Sr., GA Mountain Association
Fred "Lamar" Drury, 
Rick Parker, South Georgia Association
Roy Wiggins, Deep Dixie Association
Tondra Denham, Deep Dixie Association

Ricky Dowdy, Deep Dixie Association
Mark Cody, Deep Dixie Association
Bailey Bryant, Coastal Plains Association

Billy R. Allison, Flint River Association
A J "Buddy" Eason, Jr., Coastal Empire Association
Barry Yarborough

Bennie Earl Deal,
Pat, Georgia Mountain Association
Jimmy Ervin, Georgia Mountain Association
Owner of Lazy E Tack Trailer
W F "Dub" Westmoreland, Georgia Mountain Association
Bill Reed, Georgia Mountain Association

Jim Collins, Deep Dixie Association
Joel Carver, South Georgia Association
Earl Keen, Coastal Plains Association

Thad Sims, Flint River Association
Brenda Sryock Goodrich, Heart of Georgia
Bobby Gray, Flint River Association
Marie Sheppard, Flint River Association 
Butch "Blue" Messman, Flint River Association
Raymond Adams, Deep Dixie Association
Carolyn King 
Dave Davis, Georgia Mountain Association

Gerald Cowart, Coastal Empire Association
Danny Spivey, South Georgia Association
David Green Sheffield, Coastal Plains Association
John Benton, Deep Dixie Association
Paul Baggett, Deep Dixie Association
Thomas Puckett
Charles (Sonny) Kite, Coastal Plains Association
Jack H. Higgs, Sr., Coastal Plains Association
Eric Rawls, Heart of Georgia Association
Alfred (A. C.) Brooks, Coastal Plains Association

Kelly Powers Bodrey, Heart of Georgia Association
Diane (Kite) Thomas, Coastal Plains Association
David C. Rahn, Jr.
Allison Ann Garner,
Henry Lee Reaves 
(Long Time Federation Supporter and Namsake for Reaves Arena)

Robert H. Joiner, Coastal Plains Association

Nelson Bennett
 Beverly Odom, Deep Dixie Association

Music in Memory
of Philip Powell

"To everything there is a season,
And a time to every purpose 
under the heaven;
A time to be born, and a 
time to die;
A time to plant, and 
a time to pluck 
that which is planted."

Eccelesiates  3:1