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Anybody can ride to win.....

To be the best takes passion to ride......

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This page has been designated for Federation History.

Program Book Covers and T'shirts
 are a major part of the 
Annual State Show.  

The designs are created by the Host Club 
and often kept a secret 
until the day of the show. 

 Past program book covers from 1977 forward are displayed below.

A Special Thank You
 to everyone who has shared past information.

Think about what you would like to see as a History of the Federation - 

* Fastest time in each event   
* who holds the fastest time
* what state show -
* who was the horse
* who hosted the show what year
* group by Arena - ex:  Perry, Unadilla, etc.

* who has won an event more than once
* has someone won the same event two or more years   in a row
* what state show
* who was the horse
* who hosted the show what year
* group by Arena - ex  Perry, Unadilla, etc

If you have any information that could be helpful in establishing a history - please share.

The information needs to be documented and verified 

The first state show was held in 1967.  In the beginning the state shows were held 
at the host club's 'best' arena with shows held in Americus, Waycross, Warner Robins, 
and probably other arenas that have not been shared yet.  

In 1984, the show moved to the Southeastern Arena in Unadilla and stayed there until 1989.  
Deep Dixie hosted the last show in Unadilla.  The 1990 show was held in Hawkinsville and stayed 
through the 1992 show.  The first show held in Perry was in 1993, hosted by Georgia Mountain.

The following records are a start to creating a history - these are all pulled from the Timed Event division from 1999 forward.  As best we can tell the Cloverleaf pattern changed in 1998 or 1999.  Records also show the change from 'baskets' to 'cones' in the 90's (exact date not known)
 We welcome input for the ongoing research on Pleasure and Timed History.

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Thanks to Terry Broussard, 
Coastal Plains,
for sharing this picuture of the
 1990 State Show T' Shirt.

Terry shared that her family went to their first State Show in 1990 when her daughter was 5 - just to see what it was all about.  The results - "they bought their first pony and the rest is history"    Her daughter is now 25 !


I have not received and do not know if there are any program books from 1967 to 1976
Gwen Mitchell, McDonald's in Perry, has advised there were no program books the first few years.  She was one of the pioneers that helped start the program books and hopefully can add some more information for us soon.

1996 T'Shirt
1992 T'Shirt

I was a member of the Georgia Mountain Association for many years 
and have many fond memories I would like to share.  
As well as give credit to two amazing equine athletes that carried me 
to titles at the State Federation Horse Show.

My first state show was in 1994...
I won the 12 and Under Pony Western Pleasure State Title 
on JJ Fancy Girl. (I was 11 years old) 
 I won the same title again in 1995 on the same pony.

In 2001, I won the 13-19 Cloverleaf Barrels
 aboard RRR Peppys Pride.  
I won the reserve state title in this event in 2002 
and followed up in 2003 by winning the 
13-19 Cone Weave Championship.  
In 2004, I got 5th in the 20-38 Ladies Cloverleaf Barrels.

Some of the best times of my life
 were at the State Federation Horse Show.  
I love the people, the atmosphere, 
and rode harder there than I did at the world finals. 
 I guess growing up in the Reaves Arena, it just feels like home...
moreso than anywhere else in the world.  
It is a place that I can go and remember 
amazing people, horses, and great times in my life.

I am now 25 and in my 3rd year of vet school at Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine.  I still ride, 
but am concentrating on school at this time in hopes of being an Equine Lameness Veterinarian. 

What an awesome tribute to the Georgia Federation, 
All Associations, Parents, Riders, Spectators, etc.

"A hundred years from now
It will not matter what my bank account was, 
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, 
But the world may be different 
because I was important in the life of a child !"

Congratulations to Krystal for all her accomplishments 
and Good Luck in all your future endeavors.
Thank You for sharing your story !

Shared Memories
My Memories of State Show
by Krystal Mincey
2011 Update from Krystal

                                                                                                                       I have now graduated and am a DVM.
  I almost came down to the state show this past year 
but I had to retire my good horse last year 
and am not settled yet with an 
equine veterinary job.  

I heard there were many records broken all weekend.  
Hopefully soon I will be back as a competitor. 
 I have completed and won at the AQHA Congress 
and so many other places, 
but nothing is like Perry - Labor Day weekend

Krystal Mincey,
D. V. M.

An awesome testiment to Krystal 
and her memories of growing up with the Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs State Championship
Krystal and Pride
2012 Update to story below

Tori Ferreira (Shannon Barnhart's daughter and Pug Wingo's granddaughter) was crowned 2012 GA State Federation Queen.
What a blessing and excitement for the family.  
Pug Wingo (grandmother) was crowned Queen in 1972
Shannon Barnhart (mother) was crowned Princess in 1992
All 20 years apart !

Shannon reports that her family has shared so many wonderful memories at the Federation Show 
and hope to continue to build more memories in the future. I am so blessed to be a part of such a 
great organization where memories like these happen every year !

Thanks Shannon for sharing this update

Memories of State Show
by Pug Levinson Wingo

I would like to share some information on the Queen Contest from back in the ancient times !

The year, 1972, The State Show was held in Ashburn, GA.  I was representing the National Association of Saddle and Riding Clubs of America which I understand now they have changed their name.  At the State Show, all the Queen contestants had to go to breakfast with the judges and some show executives.  Wow, talk about nervous, never drank coffee in my life until that day and haven't drank any since.

That afternoon the Queen and Princess contest was held.  I won the Queen's Contest.  Pug (Levinson) Wingo, riding Wimpy Jo Five.  When I won, I was so happy and excited for my Association and for myself of course.  It is a great honor to represent your association to the best of your ability.

I got married to Bobby Wingo who also showed at most of the state shows and as tradition goes, our son, Robbie Wingo, showed two years at the State Show.  He gave up riding when he found out cars went faster then horses and girls smelled a whole lot better !

My family grew up, moved out, got married, so we took a break, sold everything we had concerning showing.  We kept a horse, put her in the pasture and just looked at her !

Then when our daughter, Shannon (Wingo) Barnhart, wanted to ride, here we are again.  Had to buy a trailer, saddle, bridle, saddle pad, and all that has to go with the horse.  Oh no, we don't have a horse for her to ride, so here we go getting another horse.  We started showing NASRCA again and she became the Princess, riding Nifty's Cowboy.  Here we go back down to the State Show.  I can't remember where it was but it was held at a race track for trotters.  (Hawkinsville possibly)  

Shannon won the Princess Contest at the state show in 1992, 20 years from when I won it.  She showed a while then got married and moved out.  None of the other grandkids showed much interest, but this time we were not so stupid to get rid of everything.  We were hoping that out of 9 grandkids, there would surely be 1 that liked horses.

Shannon had a daughter named Tori Ferreira, who showed a lot of interest in horses.  She loved horses, and of course she wanted to show and we were thrilled.  Ok, well we had everything this time, so we worked with her and finally went to the shows at the Flint River Association.  She qualified and became Princess of the Flint River Association.  She is showing in the Princess Contest with her horse JS Jack Daniels this year.  Although she really needs to win it next year to make it 20 years to carry on the tradition, but of course we would REALLY not care if it came a year early !

Free Advice -  don't get ride of all your horse stuff, who knows, one day you or a family member will be back and hopefully be showing at the State Show !
Article from 
The Franklin County Citizen, September 9, 1976 Edition -  

Billie Jo Lavonia Gordon - born during State Show 

Northwest Association
2018 Overall Champion

Northwest Association                                  South Georgia Association
2018 Overall Judged Champion                2018 Overall Running Champion

Jaley Smith and FiascoAtHolme   15.24
New Class Record for Cloverleaf Age 1 -12   

Chandler Bugg and J Rye     15.411
New Class Record for Cloverleaf Men 20-38

Rankings by Overall Totals

Association                  Running                  Pleasure                 Total
Northwest                        0                               320                         320
Coastal Plains              133                             144                          277
South Georgia              166                               85                          251
Heart of Georgia           151                              24                          175
Deep Dixie                      68                               85                          153
South Ogeechee            51                               88                          139
Georgia Mountain          81                               54                          135
Coastal Empire              63                               69                           132
Flint River                      15                               38                             53
East Georgia                   7                               16                             23           

Click here for 2018 Top 6 Winners by Event

Jaley Smith and FiascoAtHolme   15.24
New Class Record for Cloverleaf Age 1 -12   

Chandler Bugg and J Rye     15.411
New Class Record for Cloverleaf Men 20-38

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